What our participants are saying


“Wounded Heroes and REBOOT have helped me talk about my family trauma, be more open and willing to share. This group has helped me stay positive through rough times, gives me a safe space to open up to people, helps me continue to learn new coping skills, and overall just trying to become a better person. This program and it’s leaders helped me with family loss and my military trauma without thinking about abusing alcohol or other substances – I’m very thankful for my REBOOT and Wounded Heroes family, and the resources they provide.”

Carl Fisher

Veteran & Wounded Heroes –  REBOOT Recovery participant

(Pictured on the left)


“REBOOT Recovery is a great way to learn about tools and techniques for a smooth transition from a life of servitude to being an everyday civilian. The transition of public service comes with its unique set of challenges and REBOOT Recovery is a nice, relaxed way to learn and share how life can look after service. Love, Laughter and Learning with others who understand and care to create a better life for ourselves, our families and communities!”

Emery Knudtson

Retired Police Officer, Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Participant, and Guest Speaker

“Being part of REBOOT and the Wounded Heroes group has been a life changer. Not only have I met some incredible people that I consider to be lifelong friends. I have also found a safe place to share my struggles both present and past, when things are going completely south. There is a ton of people that will help me process through things, give me great advice, and just listen. Also the group will be there if I need anything at all. The key to success for me in this group was I had to first be vulnerable to open up. him Once I felt comfortable and opened up the first time it just came pouring out. There was absolutely no judgment, never anything negative from everyone listens gives great, heartfelt encouragement.”

Chris Whittemore

Veteran and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Participant 

(Pictured on the right)


“One of the things that most veteran’s miss once out of the military is the camaraderie they experienced while in the military. Wounded Heroes wants to give that camaraderie back to each person that experiences the REBOOT Recovery Connection because after they complete the program the connection to Wounded Heroes is not over.”

Col. (Retired) William “Bill” Simmons​

Veteran, Ret Police Chief, Wounded Heroes – Board of Directors, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Participant


“True healing can happen when YOU are ready. I believe strongly in the mission we have started. Give it a look, YOU may be ready now.”

Larry Sigmund

Veteran, Wounded Heroes – Board of Advisors, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Participant

Hear from our coaches


“When Jesse and Elisabeth asked me to speak at Wounded Heroes about the importance of fitness as one component of a Whole Health Script, it was an easy task. I’ve seen firsthand at NACF the direct impact consistent physical activity has had on veterans – improving both their mental and physical well-being. Surrounded by a community of like-minded people all working hard to achieve their fitness goals, I’ve seen veterans move better, think better and start to live better lives outside the walls of the gym. Thanks to groups like Wounded Heroes veterans are not only encouraged to seek out physical activity but are educated on all facets of living a healthy lifestyle through a top down approach.”

Amy Boyd

Lead Trainer at North Ankeny CrossFit, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Guest Speaker 

“Wounded Heroes has a strong positive impact on the health and well-being of many of our our heroic service men and women. They bring awareness to whole body healing (the mind, the body, and the spirit), as it pertains to root cause resolution of many issues.”

Shelbie Curry

ARNP, Nurse Practitioner, NSHC Certified Health Coach, Licensed Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy Clinical Facilitator, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Guest Speaker

“Wounded Heroes is serving Veterans by educating on them on the support options available in the medical community. These Veterans’ service to our wonderful country may have resulted in physical, emotion, spiritual, and chemical injuries. These injuries could now affect how they live everyday life.  With Wounded Heroes support, Veterans can work to develop a Whole Health Script for physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. This opportunity allows for formation of a successful team around the Veteran that results in full recovery to enjoy all aspects of civilian life. As a chiropractic physician, I am excited for what Wound Heroes is accomplishing and even more excited for the success stories that Veterans are experiencing.”

Dr. Aaron Rickelman

Designed 2 Move Spine & Sport, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Guest Speaker

“The other goal of being a holistic nutritional coach is empowering and motivating clients to navigate their way back to the driver’s seat of their health. We do this by becoming more aware of our physical, mental, and spiritual/social needs, and interacting with them in a way to strategize action, growth, and change toward wholeness. This is a journey that requires support and grace. Rather exploring earthing (connecting to the earth by walking barefoot) to gain mental clarity and emotional balance or exploring a program like Wounded Heroes for top down, bottom up therapies for knowledge, motivation, and solidarity, to discovering what type of exercise you could be interested in pursuing by trying suggested workout avenues like the 21 online day program, hip hop cardio dancing or even developing a new interest, there are solutions and hope for you. As a holistic coach, some of my work is to introduce recipes, spark your interest to explore recipes on your own, meal plan/meal plan strategies, and in some cases providing prepared meals that use food as medicine. Eat like your life depends on it…because it does!!!

Courtney Rife

Holistic Nutrition Coach, and Wounded Heroes – REBOOT Recovery Guest Speaker

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