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Launch a Facebook fundraiser!  100% of what you raise will help hurting families.

Start a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Are you running a race and want to raise funds for Heroes? Are you training for a fitness event and want to raise money in your community for Heroes? Everyday people all over the country put their body on the line in the form of marathons & CrossFit competitions, with the goal of challenging themselves to do so to raise money for a good cause. Let’s team up! 

Start or join a team and invite your friends & family to support Wounded Heroes. Together, we will raise money to support trauma healing & healthy lifestyle development for our nation’s Heroes.

Post on Social Media

Do you know someone that could benefit from Wounded Heroes? Use these social media post templates to point people in our direction. It only takes a second and imagine the impact you could have when a struggling Veteran or first responder comes across your post and reaches out for help.

Post about Wounded Heroes

All Heroes have wounds from their service. Some wounds are visible. Some are not. Emotional injuries, mental injuries, brain injuries, are just as tender as the broken bones we can see. Wounded Heroes offer free trauma healing courses, connection adventure trips, & mentoring on Whole Health Scripts, so that the Hero can successfully reintegrate into civilian life. If you, or someone you know is struggling with trauma, please check out Wounded Heroes to see if they can help. www.woundedheroes.com

While we can never do
enough for our heroes,
we can always do a little more.