The Mogadishu Mile

Wounded Heroes Presents:

The Mogadishu Mile

October 7, 2023

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Join us to honor the heroic actions of Task Force Ranger and remembrance of the fallen warriors of Operation Gothic Serpent. On October 3rd, 1993 in Somalia, daylight combat operations began in the afternoon and did not end until the final Ranger element departed the city of Mogadishu on the morning of October 4th, ending in a running gun battle that has become known as The Mogadishu Mile (depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down).


All Ages Event – Bring the Family


Camp Dodge Physical Fitness Track – 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131 


Saturday October 7, 2023 – 10 heats of 20 participants each, beginning at 8am and ending at 11:20am.


Mog Mile WOD*

3 rounds of:

  • 19 ground to overhead plate lift 
  • 19 squats 
  • 19 pushups (bring your own towel of knee pad for knee pushups)
  • 73 second plank
  • 1 mile run/walk

* The number 3 represents the men of B Co. 3rd Ranger Battalion. The number 19 represents the 19 men who gave their lives. The number 73 represents the 73 men of Task Force Ranger, who were wounded. Ground to overheard – as the soldiers held up their rifles the entire time. Squats – as they sought cover behind anything available. Push-ups – as they fell to the ground and had to get back up.

Rules for MOG Mile:

Your plate is your “Ranger Buddy”. You cannot lose physical contact with it at any time. You may rest it on your body or set it on the ground with one hand touching it, but do not let it go completely. This is symbolic for the dedication the soldiers showed towards their creed to “not leave a man behind.” If you do let go of your plate, you forfeit the progress of that round, and you must start the round over.

While we can never do
enough for our heroes,
we can always do a little more.